Day 800 Of 100 Days of Cloud : Cloud Expert

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I have officially closed this latest 8th 100-day cycle which has been interesting especially during the day 775 – 800 stretch.


In this post I will recap my day 775 -800 cycle and my overall 100-day cycle.

Day 775 – 800 cycle

  • 8/30 – Retook the AZ-305 using the Cloud Week for Partners voucher and failed 658/700. I was bummed to be 3-4 right answers away from my cert.
  • 9/1 – Joined the ISC2 for free as an ISC2 candidate and registered for the ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity promotion
  • 9/2 – Became ExamPro AZ-204 beta tester.
  • Noticed that I am answering a whole lot of tech questions from email, FB Messenger and YouTube.

Retook the AZ-305

I failed the exam and was bummed. This was the first time that I failed the same exam twice. The first time was during the beta and I believed that my score was in the 500s. This time on August 30th it was 658/700. I completely bombed the fourth domain which I would work on to get over the hump.

Became An ISC2 Candidate

I was happy that ISC2 expanded its Certified in Cybersecurity promotion outside of the UK because now I qualified to become an ISC2 candidate for free. ISC2 is the organization that created the CISSP. The CISSP was one of my 2022 goals. Becoming a candidate allowed me to better learn the inner workings of ISC2.

Became An ExamPro AZ-204 Beta Tester

Full Disclosure – I used the Freecodecamp AZ-204 YouTube video to study for the AZ-305. That video saved my bacon because Andrew helped me better understand a whole lot of material regarding the AZ-305. There was essentially a 50% – 60% overlap between the two exams. Since I already used the AZ-204 and Andrew did the Freecodecamp version, I requested beta access to his ExamPro course.

I have an exam voucher that I may use for AZ-204 since I do not want my knowledge to go to waste. I may have to come out of the pocket to pass my PL-300 (or at least use the 25% SC-100 beta exam code to sit for it.).

Noticed That I Was Answering A Lot Of Tech Questions

During this final 25-day cycle period, I received a whole lot of questions via email, FB Messenger and YouTube. I was flattered because these also told me where people were finding me. I was happy that people came to my website and used the contact page and FB Messenger widget.

Day 700 – 800 Cycle – 8th Cycle

Highlight: Becoming One Of The First Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect Experts

I took the SC-100 beta exam on May 4, 2022. I received my results on July 8, 2022. I was happy to be one of the first Microsoft Certified Cybersecurity Architect experts. That was a big time achievement.

For me it was time to go from associate to expert. I have been doing cloud since 2019 and wanted to take it to the next level. The SC-100 announcement came out just around the time that I was studying to pass my SC-200 Security Operations Analyst. That news provided extra motivation to pass my SC-200 retake (which I did.). Calling myself a cloud security expert is confirmation that I have studied, worked and labbed my way to the top.

I am also happy to have taken the beta exam because so many employers immediately change their job descriptions once these exams go live. Within less than 2-3 weeks later in July 2022, I found one company on LinkedIn saying that an applicant needed to get SC-100 within 1 year of hire. I was like ‘Yikes!’. It took me 16 months (I took the SC-900 in March 2021 and received my SC-100 results in July 2022).

Receiving Scholarships for DataCamp And Udacity for AWS Machine Learning

This cycle has been about getting work-based scholarships to upskill myself. I have won the FB Flames Foundation scholarship to get a free 1-year DataCamp scholarship. I have completed all 4 required courses 2-3 weeks ahead of its August 2022 deadline. Datacamp also has a 13-hour PL-300 track which I will be taking since I have that MS Build free exam voucher.

I also received the Udacity AWS Machine Learning Nanodegree scholarship. I wanted to challenge myself to delve deeper into machine learning since I was an AWS Community Builders machine learning track. I completed the learning track and it reemphasized some things that I already knew about machine learning. That was good. Also I did learn some new things.

Qualified For More Senior-Level Roles

I am (finally!) gaining traction here! I am applying and getting interviewed for senior-level job roles. It has taken 3 years for employers to see my resume and that I can do the work. I do feel like I am turning the corner. I will also say that even with my going into management, I still need to lab and work on Powershell because they are still looking for that. I have lost 1-2 jobs over this so for the next cycle, I am beefing this up.

What’s Next?

Landing a New Senior-Level Role

I am thisclose towards getting it. I have taken August off because it was my birthday. I am now back to applying and interviewing.

Clearing My 2022 Certification List

I am back at this with a vengeance. Failing the AZ-305 is not keeping me down. I have registered for the Business Applications Cloud Week for Partners and will study for the PL-300. I am also going to retake the AZ-305 because I am armed with the knowledge of what I need to work one. Furthermore, I will pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification ahead of the November 14, 2022 retirement date. I am very adamant about being a multi-cloud professional!

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