Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program Week 2 Review

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I have completed week 2 for the program. I admit that last week things started off slow in week 1 but picked up this week especially session 4. So check out my insights below.


Session 3

The program gave us an extension because of all of the bugs and Salesforce Trailhead being down for maintenance this whole weekend. I secretly wanted to drop this because I had SC-200 and AZ-305 to study for but hey at least there was an extension. I got my third Salesforce Trailhead badge plus learned how to do work in the playground.

During this session, I was paired with someone who had Salesforce certification. I learned so much about other resources that would help me get certified which was great. As I mentioned before, I was starting completely from scratch with Salesforce.



Session 4 – Technical Simulation Assessment

Oh wee! I have used my CSU MBA and ITIL knowledge to do that case study. We were given 2 hours (really 90 minutes because the first 30 minutes were instructions) and a case study to examine.

My case study was telecommunications with a service level agreement (SLA). We used SLA in ITIL. It served me well.

What I will say is that I am happy to have had this experience. If you’re interested in applying for this program, I would recommend that you beef up on your case study reading and business math.

What’s next?

Two things. I have emailed the Salesforce Consulting Select team about qualifying for the Salesforce Partnership Program since I don’t have a Salesforce certification and am affiliated with the HBCU Connect. Being in the partnership would put me in the Salesforce pipeline.

I have also looked at how many programs I apply for. Right now I am in AWS Community Builders and Deloitte Salesforce Consulting Select Program. It is essential to have some sort of direction and end goal. Mine is certification and helping people through management consulting.

The second thing is I will try to work on my Salesforce Admin superset even though I am starting from zero and there are many bugs. I will report them to the team and go from there. I am kind of resigned to that fact that the janky system won’t let me be great but I will keep going and keep you posted.



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