Eighteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Career Counseling

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After a brief reprieve, the Google Cloud Jumpstart session recap is BACK! Today I’ve had my career counseling session with the program manager. This Monday she replied to my email about scheduling a time to discuss my interest in a GCP cloud position. I agreed to meet today at 3pm EDT (She’s in Pacific time.).

Career Counseling

I was glad to have met because I had learned a lot about the GCP interview process and other resources that can help me. Also she’s happy that I sent her the direct links to the three positions that interested me. She said some of my fellow Jumpstart participants weren’t as prepared. That was my inner project manager tapping in. I hated wasting time on meetings.


Two Meeting Tips

Tip 1 – When discussing any potential job opening with someone, please send him/her the direct link. That’s helpful in him better understanding what the job responsibilities and the work culture may be like. In addition, it does not waste anyone’s time because you’ll go straight into the job opening.

Tip 2 – Have 15-30 second pitches about how you meet the job qualifications. That means that you’re serious and have taken the time to be the best candidate out there.

Keeping The Mentor In The Loop

I mentioned meeting with my mentor next week before our proposed follow-up meeting. The program manager said to shoot my mentor an email since she could also refer me to other positions. I would do that because I am all about getting as much return on investment in this GCP Jumpstart program as I can get!



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