Eighth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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Today is the first day that these sessions are held on Friday instead of Tuesday. Methinks that it is because I somehow have been transitioned from the exam prep portion of the program to the cloud career portion. Will report back.



Because GCP is the number three US public cloud provider. Being on the inside is a very big thing. I mean being selected into GCP Jumpstart is huge. There are millions of people saying that they use GCP and’/or are GCP certified. However, to be officially stamped in getting into an official GCP sponsored program separates me from everyone else.

Furthermore, I get to network with other cloud professionals. In the first meeting, there are so many people’s LinkedIn profiles that I have not seen even when I was in the GCP Jumpstart portion. This is a great thing because I now know that these are cloud professionals. I am getting closer towards my goal of becoming a permanent cloud professional.


Another thing – I have a bigger tech background than I give myself credit for

One of the presenters talked about getting into a tech bootcamp at the age 31. I was doing computer programming at age 16. I also had SAS programming experience and many cloud certifications. This just showed how much tech experience I had. I was not a novice. I would start discussing my tech background and history more in this blog and YouTube channel

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