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http://carlarjenkins.teachable.com/ is your one-stop shop place to learn project management and business decision-making!


This portal caters to the Type A professional, solopreneur, small and medium-sized business owners who are looking to assess their business risk and enrich themselves professionally.

Currently, there are two courses:

$297 Earned Value Management Explained www.carlarjenkins.com/evmplained

  • Helps solopreneurs, small and medium-sized business:
    • assess business risks
    • make better business decisions
    • learn the meaning behind the budget and cost report numbers
    • streamline time, money and resources

$97 Earned Value Management Basics www.carlarjenkins.com/evmbasics

  • Lite version of Earned Value Management Explained
  • Offering the same business value

Both courses offer payment plans.

Enroll in http://carlarjenkins.teachable.com/ today.

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