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Hey everyone! This is Carla and I am giving you an update regarding my events and products. As you know, I am a HER Chronicles 2 coauthor. This 11-person anthology has become an Amazon bestseller the same day it was published. My story is entitled Fighter: We’re Not Born, We’re Made! It is about my first-hand account of becoming financial literate. There are a whole lot of people who would become from my chapter as well as the whole book. Buy it here:


And it is now available on Kindle here:


You can also buy my solo Amazon bestseller Expand Your Personal Brand book and workbook. We have less than 45 days. Use this fourth quarter to brush up your personal brand. Most people have taken off from Thanksgiving until the New Year. You will have less competition. Take time today to be ready for 2017! Both my book and workbook will provide you with more than enough experiences and exercises to have a polished personal brand for the New Year. Here are the links below:

Book: http://expandyourpersonalbrand.com/book

Workbook: http://expandyourpersonalbrand.com/workbook

eBay Decluttering Sales Update!

As you have also noticed, I have been removing clutter from my space to increase my productivity (and you should do the same!) since June via eBay. I am very happy to announce that in 5 months I have sold over $3500 courtesy of luxury consignment items like Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade. I have kept a blog entitled eBay Adventures on my Blogger account documenting my decluttering journey as a reseller. You can read it here:  http://carlarjenkins.blogspot.com/

I will be stocking everything from shoes to clothes to accessories in my store. Shop my store here:


Be on the Lookout!

I am giving you my list a heads up that I will be offering Black Friday sales on both my books and courses. I am working on revamping several products and offerings exclusively to my list on Black Friday. Check your inbox next Friday for all of the goodies!

As always, if you have not already done so like my Facebook page here:


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