Expand Your Personal Brand Book Countdown VLOG – Day 16

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May 17, 2016 –  Today is Expand Your Personal Brand’s book release day! Finally, I can add the title of author. It has been hard-fought because I have completely self-financed it myself. I have also secured two radio interviews and have done my own show. I have converted my NuMedia Periscope interview into a YouTube video which you can view here ( https://youtu.be/U5gLgdWZCxs )

As a self-published author, I have generated my own publicity. Moreover, I am working with Enchanted Book Promotions on a 2-month virtual book tour. I am happy to have scheduled this because my book is now being featured on other blogs. Furthermore, release day symbolizes all of the hard work that I have done in the past two weeks.  And I have a whole lot of more work to go because this is just the beginning. Now my job is to sustain or increase the book’s promotional momentum.



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