Expand Your Personal Brand Book Countdown VLOG – Day 6

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Carla Jenkins 1


May 8, 2016- Since today is Sunday, this video will be short. All self-publishing authors are entrepreneurs. It is important to understand your customer. Customers and their preferences change. That is why you cannot have only one product (your book). Today I have sent my workbook to the printer because I know that the customer may want something different than a book. My workbook’s exercises are different from the book’s exercises because I am very big on value added and problem-solving. I know that my audience is highly motivated professionals who want their personal branding problems solved. Moreover, I solve them at an economical rate. I have both the book and workbook because product differentiation is key. Having two products reduce your risk by 50% because you aren’t totally dependent upon one product. Entrepreneurs should budget for having multiple product iterations because customers may want your product but in a different format. Give it to them. My book is available on Amazon and here.


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