How Expand Your Personal Brand Expanded Me

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It is my one-year Expand Your Personal Brand anniversary. I can believe that it has been one year since its publication. It has been a whirlwind of learning curves both positive and negative. My book has become an Amazon bestselling, I have gone on a two-month book blog tour racking up many positive book reviews, going on interviews, creating a workbook then a bundle, and positioning myself to become an Amazon bestseller with an anthology.


The twenty personal branding lessons that I have learned have helped me throughout this year. Personally, I have learned that people are watching even when you think that they aren’t. There are so many people coming into my inbox giving me opportunities over my book and discussing it on livestream. Professionally, I receive instant credibility as an authority because I am now author. With Expand Your Personal Brand, I have become a personal branding expert with people reaching out to me. I want the same for you, the reader. I want every single one of my subscribers to soar and live in his or her own light.

How has Expand Your Personal Brand expanded me you may ask? It has stretched me because I learn that I can spread my greatest joy, my ability to communicate to others. Throughout all of my newsletters, I have talked about how I love communicating with people. The book has afforded me the opportunity to do this. Moreover, the 20 lessons that I have written are still relevant today as they were last year.

I am very happy that you have subscribed to me. Keep it here as I reflect throughout May and the next 30 days over how Expand Your Personal Brand has shaped my past, present and future!

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