Experience Matters – Write It All Down!

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If you ae a mid-level to senior-level professional then this is for you! I had a situation one day where I was speaking with a recruiter and I mentioned that I had over 10 years’ experience. It was regular, nothing spectacular. She said that she’d call me back by the end of the week yet it didn’t happen. I followed up the next week only to learn that my resume was denied because the client said that I didn’t have enough experience. It required 12 years. The recruiter mentioned a junior position which paid less. Next she said that if I could provide her with new information then she’d resubmit me. Right then and there I mentioned that I actually did have 12 years’ experience. The recruiter resubmitted me and I was approved.

Lesson of this story: don’t discount your experience. Yes, we are sometimes forced to speak in soundbites (10 years’ experience, etc.) but there are some times where you must spell out exactly how many years’ experience you have. This is important for those vying for senior level positions. I understand the fear of giving your actual years of experience for fear of age discrimination but you must realize that these people want YOU because of your years of experience so say 12 years instead of 10 or 18 years instead of 15 years. Chronicle all of your experience. If you are going for a senior-level position, you won’t regret it.

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