Facebook And Instagram Went Down And I’m Still Fine!

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Yesterday Facebook and its family of apps Instagram and WhatsApp went down for several hours. Many people and small businesses were freaking out. But I wasn’t because I had both email and a website. Email and website are two indispensable business tools that you need to not just survive but thrive whenever social media goes down.


Monday is Newsletter Day over here so I unaffected by social media going down. Furthermore, www.carlarjenkins.com is run on WordPress and hosted by GoDaddy so all of my blog posts came out too. I have seen people freaking out so much that I’ve shared my Facebook Down blog post and video numerous times on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’ve written Facebook Down And Instagram Down: 5 Reasons Why Email And Website Still Matter over three years ago. My words still ring true so check it out. You can also kindly subscribe to my mailing list to never miss out on anything!




FYI – Some people were chanting that Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube weren’t down (Twitter was temporarily down because it could not handle all of the people coming from Facebook and Instagram. YouTube also went down before. I am pointing this out because anything can happen so maintain an email list and a website.

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