Fifteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap : Mentoring Match And More

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Although the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) interview and mentoring webinar were held on June 29, 2022, I waited until July 1, 2022. The reason being is that I receive my mentoring match today at 12pm EDT (9am PDT). I want you the reader to have the full picture of the process. No incompleteness here on



I Was Happy To Apply For This Mentoring Cycle


The way my cloud computing interviews took off during May and June, being in this GCP mentoring cycle is great. It is right on time especially since I need a cloud mentor to get to the next level. I always state in the GCP Jumpstart session recaps the importance of these programs upon professional growth and development. You are gaining access to actual employees who can cultivate your talents and refer you to jobs.


Speaking of Which I Had A Google Cloud Interview


I rarely talk about current interviews but I feel the need to do so. First, the Google human resources recruiter reached out to me out of nowhere this June. When I asked the interviewer how did they find me, he said that was private information. All he had in front of him was my name, phone number and resume.

IMHO – I felt that the recruiters were reading this GCP Jumpstart series and my Career Trajectory LinkedIn Newsletter. I feature GCP a lot because it is the #3 US public cloud behind AWS at #1 and Microsoft Azure at #2.

In addition, I do think that routine GCP career webinar session attendance matters. If the GCP employees see a participant always in the webinar chat then they’re more likely to recommend her to HR.




Back to the Interview


The recruiter selected me to interview for the GCP Product Manager position. I had to send her my resume, GCP employee referral and LinkedIn profile. I sent her all 3. That GCP referral was the direct result of my being in the Jumpstart program.

I scheduled my phone interview. The interviewer had two questions that had nothing to do with Google and GCP. Let me tell you that I thanked God that I had the 1) machine learning knowledge, 2) statistical survey and standard deviation knowledge, and 3) US Census population knowledge else I would had drowned. There were brain teasers and then there were Google brain teasers! But I thought that I was able to do a great job on this interview even though I had to revise my second interview question estimate by a little. I want to give you a peek behind the rainbow to show you what you may be in for if you are interviewing for a Google job.

Eleventh Hour Mentoring Match


The GCP mentoring coordinator emailed me my match at nearly 10pm EDT. I received 3 exercises to complete. Well, at least I am in this June cycle instead of waiting until July 11th mentoring start date.

I will be much farther along within 2 weeks. I see myself stretching myself both personally and professionally. I see this program as helping me become a better cloud professional.

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