Fifth Google Cloud Jumpstart Session Recap

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I am BAAACK with an all-new GCP Jumpstart installment. This is the second to the last biweekly session. In this session, the instructor has covered object life cycle management, cloud monitoring and Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam review.

I am very happy that they’re devoting time towards the certification exam because the ACE is much harder than its Azure and Amazon Web Services associate exams. As I’ve mentioned in the fourth installment, GCP exams are harder.


Also I would like to explain object life cycle management. In cloud, you have object storage. The life cycle part comes in when the object (file, video, etc.) that you have you don’t need immediate access to it but you move it to archives for safekeeping. An example of life cycle management is your company is under federal regulation to keep your records for 10 years. After 1 year (the current fiscal year) you don’t need to access them every day so you move them from hot (current) to archive.

Confession – I will also admit that I have not been doing any GCP this 2-week cycle because SC-200 Security Operations Analyst has been my focus (I passed my retake by the way!). I will get back on the band wagon this week though because I intend on passing my GCP Cloud Digital Leader exam soon.

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