First Half of 2022 Certification List Update

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Today is July 1, 2022, the first day of the second half of 2022. Holding myself accountable I am going through my first half of 2022 certification list progress to see I have fared.



I will say that I have had a rather ambitious certification list. I have already dropped the Scrum At Scale certification in February 2022 because it was getting in the way of my studying to pass my SC-200 exam (which I did pass setting me up for the SC-100).

2022 Certifications Thus Far

  • 1/7 – Facebook Digital Marketing Associate
  • 3/14 – SC-200 Microsoft Security Operations Analyst
  • 5/4 – Sat for SC-100 cybersecurity architect beta exam
  • 5/23 – MS-900 Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

I have 4 out of 10 but SC-100 (did not exist yet) and MS-900 was not on that original 2022 list.

2022 Certification List – January

  • SC-300 – Decided to let my exam voucher expire June 30, 2022 because I sat for the SC-100. Passing the SC-100 means that I am an expert. SC-300 is an associate exam
  • SC-400 – Since this exam was not a prerequisite for the SC-100 then I decided to pass on that for now.
  • Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database – Since I missed out on the February 28, 2022 free certification promotion, I dropped that.

I have also dropped SC-400 and Oracle over being more in-demand. With GCP Jumpstart starting January 18, 2022, joining AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA on April 27, 2022 and renewing AWS Community Builders, I have received cloud interviews from FAANG companies. The goal is to land a cloud job.

2022 Certifications – Added To The List

  • AZ-305 – I failed my beta exam on February 2022. I have a free exam voucher.
  • PL-300 – I will use my MS Build Cloud Skills Challenge exam voucher if I pass the SC-100. If not then I will use the exam voucher for SC-300.
  • Solutions Architect Associate renewal – I have received the AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA free exam voucher so why not renew?

I do see myself passing my AZ-305 retake. I have to clear out my SAA renewal first. Once I have cleared this, I will return back to AZ-305. Having both the Azure Solutions Architect Expert and the Cybersecurity Architect Expert distinctions would be great!

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