Fourteenth Google Cloud Jumpstart Program : Mentorship Transition

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This is the first installment covering he mentoring program. This is a voluntary program. I received this application link during the thirteenth GCP Jumpstart session. It was the final career development session. I am notifying you, the reader, that this is voluntary because if you don’t choose to continue that the career development session would represent the end of the GCP Jumpstart Program.


The mentoring program initial webinar was very interesting. I will admit that I was underwhelmed because it was just one man presenting and talking the whole time. Then we had a breakout session where I was paired with 4 other people. After we talked about why we were in the mentoring program (mine were networking and improving my interviewing skills), Zoom kicked us back into the main room.



There were plenty of late people coming in responding to the GCP Jumpstart Program Director’s mass email talking about where the link was at. Um, the link was given out during last Friday’s session and you must had completed an application. Furthermore, the director already stated last Friday that it you missed Monday’s session, July 11, 2022 would be the next session.

Confession:  I would admit that this mass emailing for seem self-important is the one main drawback of GCP. Unlike AWS which uses Slack, GCP using Google user group email feature so anyone on the list can mass email everyone.

Currently, I will work on completing the Udacity GCP Cloud Digital Leader course so that I can receive that 50% off exam voucher. Receiving that Cloud Digital Leader certification is one of my program goals. I want to pass this before spending money to sit for the Associate Cloud Engineer. Finally, yes, once I clear my GCP Cloud Digital Leader and two AWS Solutions Architect certifications, I will complete all of the ACE GCP Jumpstart learning path.

Thursday night, I received my mentor selection event invite. You already know that I checked okay. Receiving an actual GCP mentor was one step closer towards landing a GCP position.


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