GCP Cloud Digital Leader Exam Tips + Experience

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I passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader October 27, 2022. In this post I will talk about my exam experience and tips to help you with this exam.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Digital Leader is a much more advanced beginner’s certification exam than the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and the Azure Fundamentals certification. GCP has site reliability engineer (SRE) questions which aren’t truly present in AWS and Azure. There are also some business cases which expect you to have some IT work experience in order to correctly answer them.

Furthermore, GCP expects you to know the definitions for artificial intelligence and machine learning. In contrast to Azure, the Azure Fundamentals exam has a general overview of AI/ML. If you want to delve deeper than you can take the Azure AI Fundamentals exam.

The Cloud Digital Leader has 60 questions vs 28 for Azure Fundamentals. Google does give you 90 minutes for the exam.



Kryterion Online Proctoring (aka the experience)


This was a deplorable experience. I was supposed to pass my exam on Sunday, October 23, 2022 but there was a glitch in Websessor. I spent 40 minutes in the capture photo room. I had to use my cell phone to contact exam support because the interface froze so bad! The support paerson rescheduled me for October 27, 2022.

I downloaded the test interface and proceeded into the exam only to have to take a photo of my government ID, superimpose it for the test proctor to see my name. Then I was still stuck once again in the final stage. This forced me to exit the exam and reenter it. The proctor had to reschedule from 7:30pm to 8pm EDT to not lose my spot.

That was ridiculous! Imagine all of this going on and you hadn’t even gotten to the test yet. I never had these problems with PearsonVUE. I had been taking online proctored exams through perasonVUE since May 2020 and never had these issues. Pearson would send you either an email or text message to your phone to photograph your government ID and the 4 corners of your room. This procedure saved laptop bandwidth. Here’s hoping that Kryterion adopted this going forward.




Although I am very happy that I have passed my GCP Cloud Digital Leader exam, the Kryterion proctoring experience was definitely lacking. It made me rethink using my Databricks free exam voucher because that vendor used Webassessor too.


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