Give It One Year : 3 Lessons Learned From My Azure Cloud Journey

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Yesterday I received a Facebook memory that one year ago I passed my Azure Data Fundamentals exam. If you’d been following me you would know that it was an adventure to say the least (You can watch my proctored exam ‘experience’ video right here!). Seeing this memory was the reason why I wrote this article to encourage anyone who was the start of his cloud journey.


I Kept Getting Better The Farther Along I Went

It might seem cliché but deciding to start is the best way to become successful. I originally started through Ohio Means Jobs workforce development training with Amazon Web Services in 2019. Even then I told them that I wanted to be multi-cloud. I received my Azure fundamentals certification in August 2020.

Since receiving my Azure Data Fundamentals, I received the following Azure certifications:

I managed to pass two more fundamental exams and three associate exams. I prided myself on being diversified in Azure. I knew AI/ML, Big data and Azure Security. That made me a sought-after cloud professional.


Able To Find Quality Resources

When I started studying for my Azure Data Fundamentals, there weren’t many resources. Everyone was solely focused on Azure Fundamentals. I noticed after I passed my DP-900 exam all of a sudden course creators started creating exam prep resources. Yet that experience gave me the discernment to be able to see which resources were great for me to pass my exam. I used these transferable skills to pass my beta exams.

Beta Exams Tapped Into My Impatience And Being A Self-Starter

I am impatience and want things quickly. This feeds into my being a self-starter. This year I passed two beta exams (SC-900 and AZ-700). When I first started, I did not even know what a beta exam was; but, I dived head first into it.

I applied the resource research skills towards beta exams because there weren’t too many when I sat for these exams. To me, beta exams allowed me to pass certifications first and use them in the marketplace. I wanted to deepen my Microsoft security knowledge so I sat for the SC-900. I wanted to become an Azure cloud engineer so I sat for the AZ-700 exam.

I passed both beta exams allowing me to hit the ground running by putting my knowledge to work ASAP. Had I never started my Azure cloud journey, I would had not realize my potential.

Here are my 3 lessons learned. The biggest takeaway is to just get started. Good luck!

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