Got Accepted Into Google Tech Equity Collective Rising Innovators Program

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Today I’ve been accepted into the Google’s Tech Equity Collective Rising Innovators Program. This is my second Google-related training cohort. I participated in the Google Cloud Jumpstart Associate Cloud Engineer Program. I would like to thank Google, Karat and Brilliant Black Minds for their support.



I received my application through subscribing to the Brilliant Black Minds newsletter. Initially when I went to the application, the deadline said March 13, 2023. However, now it says March 17, 2023. If you’re reading this after March 17, 2023, the Collective is still taking applications on a rolling basis.

The program is focused more on core technical positions. Core technical positions mean actual technical (cloud administrator, cloud engineer, IT-related roles). They prioritize these roles over non-tech roles (scrum master, technical program manager, delivery manager, etc.). The program’s goal is to develop Black technical leaders. As someone with both tech and non-tech certifications, I do want to put this disclaimer out here.

The application does have an essay (maximum 100 words) asking why do you want to be in this program. It also asks about education and any certifications that you’ve accumulated. I applied on March 15, 2023 and received my acceptance email on March 16, 2023.


What’s Next?

Orientation. I may also start a brand-new blog series around this program just to give a peek behind the rainbow like I’ve done with the GCP Jumpstart Program. Anyway, I am very happy to continue developing myself professionally through Google.



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