Happy That The Brand Is Getting Noticed

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Hey everybody! This past week two people have discussed how impressed they are with my brand. Furthermore, they have seen my professional progress with livestreams and certifications. One of these commenters come from LinkedIn. The other one comes from Facebook. Getting acknowledged on these platforms are important because it showcases the importance of crafting your personal branding narrative.

My brand is all about IT, cloud and project management. I am certified and have work experience in these areas. In addition, through mentoring and the 100 Days of Cloud challenge, I have used my background to help others become certified.

Regarding the 100 Days of Cloud challenge, I am currently on Day 203. This is my 3rd 100-Day cycle. Participating has helped expand my professional network, get selected for beta course review opportunities and land interviewing opportunities. It has also increased my visibility. People have connected with me on LinkedIn just based on the work that I am doing.

As this is only January 2021, expect to see even more of me. I will be on my website www.carlarjenkins.com , video and all across social media. My universal social media handle is @carlarjenkins.

If you or your company want to work with me, get in touch with me at www.carlarjenkins.com/contact

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