Happy to be Seen As an IGTV Expert

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My Instagram TV (IGTV) work is starting to be realized. I have received my first IGTV testimonial. I have also received a shout out from Ileane when I come into her YouTube livestream saying that she has mentioned IGTV earlier.

These two developments show that my IGTV evangelism has gained traction. People from Periscope, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are taking notes of my IGTV tips and consistency. I have been telling people why they should be on IGTV as well as how I can help them be an early adopter with an executable plan. They are starting to pay dividends.

I am very happy to receive the love and be seen as an IGTV Expert because I love helping people through social media. I have managed to be ranked #1 in IGTV-related hashtags and quadrupled my video watch time. I am happy to help you with this too with my IGTV social media strategy session www.carlarjenkins.com/igtvstrategy

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