Here’s How Projectized Is Helping Someone with Her CAPM Exam

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I have just received this positive comment on my Projectized livestream show CAPM episode. See this is why I do my show because it helps so many people better understand project management. My show covers three things: the business of project management, how businesses use project management and obtaining project management certification.

The Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM – is the junior-level project management certification. You pursue this when you do not have the experience to sit for the Project Management Professional exam.

I received my CAPM in August 2011 then received my PMP in June 2013. Many people are just like me. They start off with CAPM then take the PMP. I wanted to use this episode to show people that getting your CAPM first did not mean that you were inferior. It just meant that you did not have the experience yet to sit for the PMP.

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