How Earning My PMP and ITIL Have Shaped Me

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This past week I celebrated my 1-year ITIL anniversary and 5-year PMP anniversary. These are big professional milestones. My ITIL and PMP licenses have shaped me professionally.


Celebrating My 1-Year ITIL Anniversary

I received my ITIL Foundations certification June 25, 2017. In had been 2-3 years in the making. I saw the marketplace shifting towards normalizing agile project management. People wanted professionals who could successfully manage IT work and service level agreements.

In my 1-year of having my ITIL, I was able to land a paying ITIL webinar and qualified for many more interviews. Many employers are starting to ask for both the PMP and ITIL. My ITIL enabled me to quantify my IT service management experience. I hosted new Invensis Learning ITIL webinar series.

Celebrating My 5-Year PMP Anniversary

5 years ago, I passed my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This certification singlehandedly changed my life. I cannot envision my work life without it. There have been recruiters who literally told me that they are interviewing me because I have a PMP. That’s have profound getting this certification is to me. Yes, I have received my Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and ITIL v3 licenses, but this one will always stand out.

My PMP has gotten me my Phenomena Corporation. I have leveraged my PMP certification into the project management consulting. Also I have hosted the Invensis Learning Risk Management for Project Managers due to my PMP credential.

Watch How Earning My PMP and ITIL Have Shaped Me


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