How My Amazon Bestseller Is Still Selling 2 Years Later

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Learn How My Amazon Bestseller, Expand Your Personal Brand,

Is Still Selling After Two Years Later


This past May 17th, I celebrated the two-year anniversary of publishing Expand Your Personal Brand. This is my first Amazon bestselling which is still selling two years later. Want to know why? Because it gives people 20 personal branding strategies to expand their brands. Not one or two but twenty! And the price point is under $10. There are many branding programs costing you thousands of dollars. I wrote Expand Your Personal Brand and priced it under $10 for that reason. I had to shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars to obtain the knowledge to write the brook. Expand Your Personal Brand killed the learning curve giving people career fulfillment and freedom. These personal branding strategies have freed so many people from cubicle hell which was why it resonated with sales two years later. But I didn’t stop there. It was more…

I followed up with the book with the Expand Your Personal Brand workbook. I gave the readers 40 personal branding exercises. Yes! 2 exercises per chapter; and, these weren’t repeats either. My workbook still selling after 2 years. Then I combined the two into the Expand Your Personal Brand bundle. It was jammed packed with 60 personal branding exercises for $15 right now (*Prices can change at any time without notice*).

So since you are struggling with defining your career goals, career fulfillment and escaping from cubicle hell? Check out the Amazon bestselling Expand Your Personal Brand series.

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  1. Rosemarie Ramsingh

    Hi this encouraging ro see what producing e-books can do. I have just just started in blogging so this makes me happy to see the potential with e books. Thanks for sharing.

    • carlarjenkins

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I am glad to have encouraged you to expand and pursue other options outside of blogging. Remember, think long-term and expansion with blogging. Congratulations on starting and good luck with your blogging journey.