How My Facebook Certification Helped Me Land A Facebook Job Invite

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Hey everyone. I am typing this during the Meta (Facebook) job fair webinar. I have received this invite due to my Facebook certification. The emcee immediately starts the event by mentioning certification. The next speaker mentions Facebook Community Manager certification (This is interesting to me. Here is the certification for those who want to pursue it.)


Break Room Field Notes


The job fair set up break rooms. I haven’t anticipated this so throws me for a loop because it is nowhere in the email or the registration page. Okay so here we go with my break room field notes below.

Second Meta Break Room – I am an experienced hire who is interested in AI/ML jobs. Is there a recruiter on this broadcast? No, the respondent mentions that if I am in school then I would be sourced through the new university recruiting. However, if I am experienced then I would go through industry recruiting.

I then follow-up asking if I have both a Ph.D. is statistics or machine learning and the experience, would I be sourced through both departments. He says that it depends. This is an important question because many machine learning engineers have both the education (I have a master’s degree) and experience. Room – I asked if Meta values the or Coursera Meta content more? The respondent says that the company values the Coursera Meta content more because it is more rigorous. He says that you’ve dedicated over 100 hours towards completing the content; plus, some courses qualify for college credit. His answer is huge because now I know which direction to go.

Accuracast Agency Marketing – I asked two questions: 1) does your agency do influencer marketing? 2) Is there a peak work period? He says that the agency does not do influencer marketing and this right now is the peak period to ramp up for Black Friday because Christmas is its busiest season.

Then I ask if the company is hiring right now for the ramp. He says that right now it is too late to join and participate in the Black Friday marketing because the company gives new hires 3 months to learn the ropes.

Ugh. My Google Chrome got buggy at the end so I was unable to ask my final question but I did get the recruiter’s email.





Certifications + (Marketing) Degree Matter


First, let me start with the certification since I believe that this is why I’ve received my invitation. Certification is all about getting in the pipeline. Once you’ve obtain it, the company puts your name in the database for potential future jobs.

I have gotten my certification through the Blacks in Technology (BIT) Facebook Elevate scholarship. I have used this scholarship to pass mine. It is essential that you follow through and pass your certification within the allotted time period.

Organizations are watching this too. They know who is using their money and finishing and who is not. You want to be on the good list not the bad list.

Second is the marketing degree. Regardless of breakroom that I was in, every single person mentioned marketing degree (I have an MBA in Marketing). This seems to be the big deal. Yes, Facebook is transitioning to the Metaverse but its bread and butter is still Facebook Ads. You must have marketing and Facebook Ads experience in order to land the jobs that are being sourced at this event.

Facebook is the KING of social media marketing meaning to get your foot in the door you would most likely need a marketing degree.

I think that recruiters mentioning degrees is important because you cannot simply get a couple of certifications and expect to land a job in a place like Facebook. The marketing degree holds way more weight than a certification here.

Overall, I feel that this is a productive use of 3 hours. I have asked questioned, learned a lot and felt better about what gaps I need to fill in order to reposition myself and work at Facebook.

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