How People Are Passing Their DP-900 Exams Using My Content

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The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam (DP-900) is becoming one of the hottest exams out there. I have noticed that when I started there weren’t as many exam prep resources. However, once I passed my exam in October 2020, people were coming out of the woodwork with new DP-900 courses. I wrote two articles to help people pass while avoiding the money grab (I have done a livestream about this here.).

I am glad that my readers have responded in kind. They’ve used my I Passed My Azure Data Fundamentals Exam and 7 Lessons Learned From Passing My Azure Data Fundamentals Exam articles to pass their exams. It is great that other professionals revere my writing so much. I believe that it is a testament on my being genuine and wanting to pay it forward.

Big Data is in high data especially during this pandemic. Companies need competent and certified professionals to process and synthesize the data. That also means lots of non-professionals creating courses to take unsuspecting people’s money. My writing these two articles have given future DP-900 test takers insight on what I have used and the necessary background to pass their Azure Data Fundamentals exam on the first try.

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