I am YouTube Famous!

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I am completely blindsided (in a good way!). Out of nowhere IT YouTuber Zach Hill drops a video on LinkedIn tag me and several other people.



I never thought that I would get a YouTube shoutout yet here I am! I am very big on paying it forward and learning in public regardless of social medium. I am very happy that my efforts have been recognized!


                Watch the YouTube video below. My LinkedIn profile is featured at the 7:37 mark!



I am on YouTube and have recently crossed over 1000 YouTube subscribers! My channel focuses on IT, cloud computing and project management. You can sub to my channel here.

You can also connect with me here on LinkedIn. I publish a weekly LinkedIn newsletter called Career Trajectory. It gets published every single Wednesday in between 12-1pm Eastern time. Click the link here to subscribe!

As I have said multiple times here, someone is always watching! Give them a show!


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