I Got Accepted Into Year 2 Of AWS Community Builders!

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Big announcement: I am very happy to announce that my AWS Community Builders renewal application has been approved! I’ve received the email (which I cannot share!) this morning. I am thankful for all of your continued community support!

I love AWS Community Builders and have learned so much about how to become a better cloud professional. I have grown immensely through this program and dedicating myself fully to cloud computing for 1 whole year.


I have mentioned that I have continued actively participating in 100 days of cloud (I am currently in the Day 675 of 100 days of cloud cycle). This free challenge has improved my cloud skills.

Of course, I will be writing more about my acceptance in Friday’s This Week In AWS Community. You can read the latest and all of the blog series by clicking here!

Finally, if your business needs help better managing its AWS resources, get in contact me at https://carlarjenkins.com/contact

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