I Passed My SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master Certification Exam!

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Hey everybody! I passed my SAFE 5.0 Scrum Master certification exam retake on Memorial Day! I was so happy that this was over because it was a much harder retake exam than I expected.

These are the resources that I have used to pass my retake

I scored a measly 13% on my experiencing program increment (PI) section the first time so I spent a lot of time reading that. I also researched the swim lane, product owner, product management, DevOps CALMR and wrote down the Agile Manifesto every single day to retain that information. And STILL it was hard!

As an economics major, Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP), I will tell you that SAFe is NOT an entry-level scrum certification. I would recommend that you take the CSM first and work in a SAFe environment. If you cannot do those things, I would recommend taking an introductory SAFe course first to learn the concepts independent of the pressure to pass the exam!

I am very happy to end the month of May on a very high note. I went from having a very weird interview with a lady who had a major attitude, was all over the place but peaked my interest combining lean with project management to my learning that this combination was scaled agile framework (SAFE) to finding a 50% off exam prep course on Eventbrite to failing my first time to earning this SAFe Scrum Master certification!

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