I Will Be Sitting For the SC-100 Cybersecurity Architect Beta Exam

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I will be sitting for this SC-100 Cybersecurity Architect beta exam. I am happy to be 1 of the 300 people receiving the 80% off beta exam promo codes.

As mentioned, I have passed the SC-200 Security Operations Analyst certification so I qualify to sit for this beta exam (You can also pass the AZ-500, MS-500 and SC-300 to sit for the SC-100).


Passing this exam gives me the Certified Cybersecurity Architect Expert distinction. This is the new Microsoft expert-level distinction. It has been over 1 year in the making. Microsoft debuted the SC-900, SC-200, SC-300 and SC-400 exams last February 2021. People were clamoring for an expert-level cert. Now we have one. This is an opportunity to obtain this distinction.

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