Ignore the Naysayers

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Someone in training told me that management was in the process of approving my second training request. He also said that in his 10 years there, I was the only one who received a second training request. I felt vindicated because I kept asking for it. Each person received a block grant for a certain amount of money. Mine hadn’t run out so I kept asking for a second one. I guessed that since people viewed him as the professional that they never questioned him. I was able to separate what the training officer said versus what management said.

Sometimes you had to ignore the naysayers. In my case, I attended a cleared career fair where I learned from recruiters and job seekers that this certification would increase my job opportunities and career outlook. The next morning at 2am I wrote my training justification and sent it to the training department. Fast forward 6 weeks later and I was signing paperwork to start the funding process.

Watch my video about everything that happened how to you ignore the naysayers. 


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