The Importance of Picking Up the Phone in Business

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With the permeance of the Internet, one would think that picking up the phone is passe. Although people have cell phones, they do everything (chat, livestream, mobile banking, buy online) except make phone calls. However, it would be bad to overlook the power of picking up the phone and calling your potential employer or business client. This conversation could be the thing that seals the deal.

I made the same mistake of over relying on the Internet as my primary form of business communication. Three weeks ago I started calling recruiters and companies for the positions that I saw online. Immediately the people gave me their emails accepting my resumes and scheduling me for in-person interviews. I landed a business conference assignment due to picking up the phone. Ever since then I incorporated picking up the phone into my business communication strategy.

Here are my three tips for effectively communicating over the phone:

Have the reference number and a contact person’s email

Having these two items let me bypass the secretary whose job it was to tell you ‘that everything was on the website’. She either transferred me to the person himself or the voicemail.

Have your elevator pitch ready

You have to introduce yourself professionally as soon as you speak with a person. Rambling on and on sounds unprofessional.

Learn to hear the magic words

The magic words are those key words that the person on the other end of the phone uses giving you entrée into getting my resume/proposal to the right person.

I have employed these three tips towards effectively communicating by phone.

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