Instagram April 2020 Goals

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This is the fourth month of the year and the first of the second quarter. I am going full steam ahead with Instagram in spite of the pandemic. My goal is to keep moving you forward in the areas of project management, personal branding and social media marketing. Be sure to follow me at


Here are the other avenues within Instagram that I am using this month to communicate to you.

Instagram Live – Projectized project management show airs Mondays through Fridays 5pm EST where I talk about

  • The business of project management
  • How businesses use project management
  • Project management certification

Instagram TV – I upload my Week Ahead video series where I list my top 5 weekly goals. I also have project management video series. Follow me on IGTV

Instagram Stories – I drop daily video discussing project management, social media marketing and how to move forward.

I cannot wait to share all of my knowledge with you and the rest of my community. Yes, there is the Rona (coronavirus) but we will get through it together and better for it!

Once I look forward to seeing you on Instagram

To April and beyond!

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