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Hey everybody! You know that my YouTube channel is ‘the little YouTube channel that could’ just chugging along producing high-quality IT, cloud and project management content collecting subscribers along the way.


                I’ve change my YouTube permalink to Carla Jenkins TV!






It is about arrival: I feel that after 7 years on YouTube, 4 of which as a consistent content creator, my YouTube Channel can now be considered TV. I have a consistent posting schedule and am receiving subscribers, shares and comments. I have Projectized YouTube Live show along with the Week Ahead, Midweek Review and Week In Review videos. Here it is:


What Will Carla Jenkins TV Programming Be?


It will be better. Yes, there will still be my expert analyses in IT, cloud and project management . I will be showcasing more of the business and entrepreneurship. You’ve liked my SBA CARES Act funding videos. I will keep doing them to better inform you.


                Carla Jenkins TV = IT, cloud, business and project management


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