Introducing Earned Value Management Basics!

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Earned Value Management Basics gives you the foundational knowledge to better assess business risk and make sounder business decisions for your small and medium-sized businesses. Now Live on 


As you know, Phenomena Corporation has its premier course, Earned Value Management Explained, out on the Teachable platform. This course teaches solopreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses how to assess business risk, make better business decisions and learn the meaning behind the budget and cost report numbers. For some business owners, the $297 price tag may be a stretch so Phenomena Corporation is now introducing our new course, Earned Value Management Basics. This course will teach you the same things: how to assess business risks, make better business decisions, and streamline your time, money and resources. It is a shorter course providing you with all of the bare-boned basics to make effective business decisions. We’ve created this course for you, the solopreneur and small business owner who need to do assessments but are a shoestring budget. You can’t afford to pay for an accountant, HR or financial analyst but still

need to understand your business and cost reports.

Earned Value Management Basics has you covered. It costs $97 and will give you the tools to learn the meaning behind the numbers. Buy it here at 



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