ISC2 Has FREE Certified in Cybersecurity Flashcards For Training

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If you’re a junior-level cybersecurity worker with 0-3 years’ experience who is interested in getting certified then the ISC2 certified in cybersecurity may be for you.

I have also written in my previous article about the ISC2 One Million Certified in Cybersecurity diversity initiative that the online certification training is FREE with the $199 exam voucher.


But what if you don’t have the $199 right now?

Well, you are in luck because ISC2 has its official Quizlet flashcards. These flashcards are divided by domain (there are 5 of them).

These flashcards are feasibility analysis letting you see the material and decide if you’re interested in getting your certified in cybersecurity license.  This is also a brilliant move on ISC2 behalf to give you a free peek at what may be on the exam through flashcards.

Here is the official certified in cybersecurity exam page link for more information .


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