It’s Official : I’m An ISC2 Member And Certified In Cybersecurity Recipient

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Today I am officially an ISC2 member and Certified in Cybersecurity certification recipient!


Backstory: Last Friday, September 30, 2022, I rolled to the Pearson Professional Center (You must take ALL ISC2 exam in person) to pass my Certified in Cybersecurity. I passed and then received my ISC2 Endorsement email this past Monday. I completed the endorsement application the same day.

Then this morning I have received a YouTube comment on my Certified in Cybersecurity video asking about how long the endorsement process took. I went to my ISC2 dashboard and saw the my endorsement was approved and that there were now member and education tabs on my dashboard. Immediately I paid the $50 Certified in Cybersecurity annual membership free and became an ISC2 full member.



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