I’ve Been Accepted Into AWS She Builds CloudUp SAA

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I have been accepted into the AWS She Builds CloudUp Solutions Architect Associate program. It has been over a week. The program started last week April 27, 2022.


I have two goals while enrolled in this program: 1) learn the new AWS services and renew my SAA certification and 2) use this newly renewed SAA certification to lay the foundation to pass my AWS Solutions Architect Professional (If you’ve been reading past This Week In AWS Community blog posts, you would know that receiving a free exam voucher is a program perk.).


I like the fact that I do get free lab access which is great because I will be tinkering around and saving my AWS Community Builders credits for backup. I am just happy to be in this program. I have connected and helped answers a lot of women’s questions in the Slack channel.

I have also learned that the program may not give up the exam vouchers for the first three weeks. I may have to shell out that $75 to sit for the AWS SAA because I am on my own timetable of passing my AWS SAP this May. We shall see but I am still very happy to be a part of AWS She Builds CloudUp program.

Click this link to sign up for the waitlist.

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