I’ve Surpassed 1200 Pinterest Followers

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I have received 1200 Pinterest followers. I am very proud of this accomplishment because I have produced a lot of high-quality content. I have decided to do something different from my last Pinterest article (receiving 1100 Pinterest followers here: https://carlarjenkins.com/achieving-1100-pinterest-followers/ ). Below are my top 5 Pinterest boards:

  1. Project management 479 https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/project-management/
  2. Fashion 404 https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/fashion/
  3. Shoes that Make Me Swoon 364 https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/shoes-that-make-me-swoon/
  4. Panoramic Views 322 https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/panoramic-views/
  5. Inspiration 243 https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/inspiration/

I am unsurprised that my project management board is my biggest boards because business is all about infographics and presentations. My two project management podcasts (Blogtalkradio and Soundcloud), PM.Expert and articles are lead magnets for my project management board.

2017 Growth Strategy

I will get 1500 before April 15th. I believe that my project management will grow. In addition, to my regularly doing my Blogtalkradio podcast, PM.Expert is starting to get recognized from other blogs. I have been actively blogging for over one year. The search engines are starting to pick up PM.Expert. Furthermore, I have been doing free biweekly YouTube Live webinars from my December time management series. I know that these livestreams will get me to 1500 followers.

Follow me on Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.com/missphenom/

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