Join The FREE Feb 11th AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp

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Join AWS Community Hero Andrew Brown

February 11th FREE AWS Cloud Bootcamp



Amazon Web Services (AWS) Community Hero Andrew Brown is hosting a FREE February 11, 2023 AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp. If you are new to AWS and want to hone your cloud skills, THIS is the free workshop that you should attend. Here is the survey form.

Instructions are immediately below.

You must complete the survey form in order to enroll. Here are the sections below:

  • Section 1 – Enrollment Form
    • general information so we can push out communication updates
  • Section 2 – Agreements and Expectations
    • to ensure clear expectations
  • Section 3 – Demographics Survey
    • determine the distribution and diversity of students
  • Section 4 – Pre-Assessment Quiz
    • determine student success based on their current skill level
  • Section 5 – Readiness Survey
    • determines how much you have prepared so far
  • Section 6 – Student Outcomes
    • questions about what outcome students expect from the bootcamp

The official start date for the AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp is:

  • February 11th at 12PM (Noon) Eastern Timezone (Toronto Time) UTC-5
  • Every live-classroom will occur on Saturday
  • Every prerecorded session will be uploaded on Sunday
  • Office hours are To be determined (TBD)
  • Cloud career sessions To be determined (TBD)

FYI – here is the survey form that you must complete in order to enroll in the February 11, 2023 free bootcamp.

Andrew Brown has some free AWS Freecodecamp courses that you can watch ahead of this free bootcamp. Check out the 2021 13-hour (broken into sections) AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Freecodecamp exam prep video.

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