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I have written 100 articles on LinkedIn Pulse. My first article was published September 13, 2015. My one hundredth article was published January 19, 2017. It has been a journey where I’ve learned a lot about myself, my audience, blogging and productivity.

I admit that originally I thought LinkedIn Pulse was dumb because of the sheer lack of quality posts that I tagged. They lack grammar and anything substantive to say. However, I decided to take the plunge because I loved to write and I had over 10 years’ experience. I knew that I could come up with something of quality to say. Initially I would republish from my blogs to LinkedIn. In 2015, I had only PositivityChange blog. Now in January 2017, I have Blogtalkradio, PM.Expert, my Expand Your Personal Brand book and workbook, HER Chronicles 2 and Soundcloud podcast. I am producing a lot more content. My audience has grown from 380 to 650 followers. LinkedIn Pulse has helped me become a better business blogger. Below are the lessons that I have learned while going from 0 to 100 LinkedIn articles!

Here are the things that I have learned blogging on LinkedIn Pulse

Always produce high quality content that adds to the conversation

I have always sworn by this. All of my articles have to add to something. I am not just posting things up hoping that it sticks. I mean LinkedIn is the business social media. I am in the business of producing high quality content and thought provoking content.

Respond to comments

You have to engage with your community. My comments have been positive but still it is essential that you respond because people are taking time out of their day to read YOUR stuff.

Republish your content to the proper LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Pulse has the ‘publish to groups’ option. Select this option but with the proper groups. For instance, my project management articles go to the project management groups. Cross-sharing relevant information to other groups expands your reach and increases your followers. I have started sharing in the groups and my followers have grown. Also republishing to LinkedIn has given me the idea to host my free webinar. I share my 7 steps to creating a goal tracker article (here: ) with my project management groups. Given the amount of feedback that I have received, I have created a free 7 steps to creating a goal tracker webinar. You can watch it here:

Incorporate customer feedback into your articles.

This is for growth. When you are receptive to your audience and listen to what they say, you become a better writer. Listening to my audience has made me a better writer. I have always written the real. Every article I have made has included actionable steps because why publish something that is not going to help someone? That’s a waste of time. Since I like helping people, listening to my readers have positively impacted my writing.

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