July 2017 Accomplishments

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July 2017 has been a big month of accomplishments. I truly didn’t think after receiving my ITIL Foundation certification that I could top that; however, I have in my own way. That’s what I have learned: success can come in many different ways. What I thought was the only way (certification) was dismantled because of my Alexa.com score ranking. Below are my July 2017 accomplishments:

  • 6 million Alexa.com site ranking
  • 21 YouTube subscribers and over 2100 views
  • 15 eBay sales
  • Secured 3 interviews
  • Morning Magnet series
  • Blog linkups generating more site traffic
  • 83 Facebook followers
  • 735 LinkedIn followers
  • 1800 Pinterest followers
  • Secured two guest blog posts

Let me start with the biggest accomplishment: reaching the 6 million mark on Alexa.com! I am completely ecstatic because except for a VA, I am a one-woman shop. I am very happy that people are coming to my site to read my posts, watch my videos and leave comments. I am also happy that my early morning readers like the Morning Magnet series. Read the entire series here. I’ve created it because I want to honor my early morning readers. You don’t know how much it means to me to have someone start off his morning reading my site!

I have increased site traffic through sharing my blog posts on linkups. I have found 3-4 more linkups increasing my views on all three sites plus I am getting comments. Participating in these linkups also allow me to read other bloggers’ content. It is a learning experience. Moreover, I am getting more Facebook followers through linkups and posting my new blog posts in Facebook groups. I am a member of several Facebook blogging groups and I actively post my new stuff in there. It has resulted in more people reading my articles and following me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has been a beast this entire month of July. I have garnered no less than 8 new LinkedIn invitations from Facebook groups. I have been pushing my LinkedIn since receiving my ITIL certification; and, it hasn’t let me down. LinkedIn is the business social media; and, my goal has been to get new jobs and contracts. There is a hidden benefit of focusing on LinkedIn, am expanding my network and opportunity. I have secured three new interviews and will keep promoting LinkedIn well into the future.

In other social media news, I have crossed the 1800 Pinterest member threshold. My Pinterest has grown more slowly because of my video and LinkedIn focus. Pinterest is still my most followed social media.

Finally, I have secured two new guest posts through a Twitter chat. I have decided to increase my guest blogging activities this August to expand my blog, brand and pageviews.

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