Knowing Which Way the Wind Blows Is Essential Towards Your Career!

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Hey everyone!

I hope that you are having a pleasant Thursday! I am back with the second in a series of three emails. Oftentimes people say ‘if it’s meant to be , it’s up to me.’ That’s wrong because external factors DO matter! What your current industry is doing does affect you and how you respond to those shifts. If your industry is expanding, then you will respond differently. The same is true if your industry is contracting. In S.W.O.T., opportunities and threats are the external factors. I am going to show you why knowing which way the wind blows is critical towards managing your career.

This week Apple held its annual conference showcasing its latest products. I bring this up because as a career professional, you have to capitalize upon industry trends. Another example is artificial intelligence and virtual reality are two very big trends. They will shift how you work and the products and services that you use.

My tip to you is: start viewing your transferable skills and how they could work in these new fields. When you do this then new industry trends become opportunities. When you don’t these industry trends become threats.

Another tip: when you become indifferent to new trends, you become obsolete. It isn’t a fast change. It is gradual. The people who didn’t learn word processing or the Internet or how to leverage social media, are the ones with antiquated skills. How to S.W.O.T. Away the Competition will guide you towards how to increase your opportunities and decrease your threats. Remember, you can join me for FREE tomorrow at 8pm EST here:!

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