Last Day to Get Earned Value Management Explained for $97

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Today is the last day to buy my new Earned Value Management Explained course for $97! This pre-order sale ends on Friday, April 7th! I have mentioned this in the newsletter but I want to follow and notify you that today is the FINAL day for buy it for $97. That’s $200 off the regular $297. I am offering you this deep discount during the pre-order. After today it will be $197. Buy it now at $97 here:

  • Are you frustrated not knowing how to read your office’s cost reports?
  • Want to learn a better way to understand the numbers and the meaning behind them?
  • Do you zone out in meetings because you don’t know what the presenter is saying?


Don’t be! Earned Value Management Explained will solve this for you.

Earned value management is NOT only for the office. You can apply EVM principles to home projects too. Here are some home projects where you can use earned value management:

  • Girl Scout troop,
  • Easter egg hunt, or
  • transitioning your lawn from winter to spring,

You can use earned value management to project time and cost of all of these projects. I have created this course with you in mind. I understand that you are very busy with competing interests for your time. You have work and family demands. That’s why Earned Value Management is on demand. You can learn on your own time and at your own pace!

What You Will Get in This Course

  • Practical knowledge to read and calculate budget and cost reports
  • Real-life examples
  • Budget and Cost situation analyses
  • Modules that you can learn at your own speed
  • Digital format that you can take anywhere


You get more! I have included bonus lessons to give you a more well-round understanding of earned value management. I want to make sure that everything that I teach you can apply at work and home.

  • Want to erase the budget report learning curve?
  • Want to not only understand but participate in future office meeting?

Sign up today!  

This pre-order sale will end Friday, April 7, 2017!

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