Lessons Learned from Writing 200 LinkedIn Pulse Articles

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  1. I have to let that sink in especially since I crossed the 100 LinkedIn Pulse article threshold January 20, 2017. I started posting on LinkedIn Pulse in September 2015. It took me 16 months to publish 100 articles. It took me only 9 months to publish 100. What are the differences



I don’t feel like a newbie – I have found my footing and notoriety. I am known for writing the no-fluff actionable step pieces. I am very big on teaching and learning from my mistakes. People flood my inbox over my ability to easily communicate complex ideas. I also know the terrain and how LinkedIn Pulse works.

I understand content marketin  g – I have heard of the phrase for a couple years but haven’t delved into the topic (I even follow Content Marketing Institute on Twitter and its annual conference is in Cleveland, my hometown). I didn’t know what content marketing or that I was unknowingly doing it. Once I did understand what content marketing was, I delivered it.

I like writing platform-specific articles because they deal with the problems people are having here on LinkedIn. When LinkedIn allowed direct video uploads, I wrote two articles on it. These were my highest-performing pieces but I was happy passing on knowledge and helping people fully use all of the tools on LinkedIn.

With content marketing, I am still staying true to my no-fluff mantra. I am still churning out actionable articles (and now videos) to help all of my followers.

I have started shooting videos to accompany my articles – Writing was my main focus during the first 100 LinkedIn Pulse articles. Video wasn’t a factor. In 2015, only Periscope was livestream. Now in 2017, you have Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live and Instagram Live. Video has become the biggest converter.

Another reason why I include video is because people consume content differently. Some people like to read while others like to watch. Giving my audience options increases my reach. Video has helped improve my presentation and verbal skills.

LinkedIn direct video upload feature – I have taken full advantage of this which has significantly grown my followers. LinkedIn favors native uploading directly onto its platform versus dropping a video link. But, staying true to my mantra, I have not just uploaded anything. I have uploaded business and LinkedIn-relevant videos. This feature has grown my following exponentially (I am at 892, on the cusp of 900, as my time writing this).

I can ask for business – Pay your dues. I have put in work writing 100 articles before coming out here asking my readers for business. I have not pushed one product, service or webinar for my first 100 articles. Now that I have proven myself, I have written articles promoting my businesses.

What’s Next?


Introducing my LinkedIn business page – I will promote my Phenomena business page. This new page presents me with a new opportunity to write more business articles. Right now, my foci will be branding, positioning, and getting outcomes. www.linkedin.com/company/phenomena-corporation

Producing more content – I love to teach, communicate and share ideas. At 200 articles, I have figured the game and where I am currently at, now it is time to get in gear. I am not slacking because right now, I am on the cusp of getting 900 LinkedIn followers.

Releasing more LinkedIn Letter newsletters – I like writing specifically for my LinkedIn community. In the beginning, the LinkedIn Letter was once a month. I am thinking that it will be twice a month to touch base with my readers.

More branded content with actionable results – Yes, I will be selling more; but, I am still staying true to my no-fluff mantra. I am not the ‘buy my stuff’ woman. I always teach you how to use my product and what you can learn from me.

More direct video uploads – I will keep taking full advantage of native uploads because LinkedIn prioritizes them. I also love communicating so shooting videos fit me well.

Tinkering with audio – I do see myself adding audio/podcast to my articles. I am taking a page from Medium which offers audio versions of their blog posts. I have also embedded my podcasts onto my blog posts. Embedding my article with audio and video gives my reader three different ways to consume content.

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  1. Nakeya

    I haven’t even tackled the Linken In beast yet. Looks like I need to get on the ball,. Thanks for sharing.