LinkedIn Everything! Pulse, ProFinder, Video!

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Hey everyone! I have been extremely busy over here at LinkedIn. Here are the milestones that I have accomplished:

  • Received over 1350 LinkedIn followers
  • Returned to LinkedIn Profinder to partner with firms in project management and data analytics
  • Published a new LinkedIn Letter

Follow me on LinkedIn to get LinkedIn Letter and all of my LinkedIn Pulse blog articles

Partner with me on LinkedIn Profinder in project management, program management, data analytics

Catch up on everything with this video below.


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2 Responses

  1. Connie

    This is something I really need to look into. Thanks for sharing at bloggers pit stop. Connie

    • carlarjenkins

      LinkedIn is everything! Although it is the business social media, if you are a creative (blogger, writer, vlogger, etc.) there is a space on LinkedIn for you. Check it out!

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