LinkedIn Letter Issue 1: Hello Community! Welcome to LinkedIn Letter!

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my new LinkedIn Letter. This is my newsletter specifically to communicate with my LinkedIn followers. I want to do something separate strictly devoted to you because I love LinkedIn, LinkedIn Pulse and the comments that I receive from my article. I value your readership and throughout the years, you have made me a better writer and professional.

Each week I will list all of my current and upcoming LinkedIn-related events to keep my community in the loop. In this inaugural issue, I will discuss my move to Acuity Scheduling; realizing that someone is always watching (and how to make sure that they are getting your best close-up!); and, how to conduct a personal SWOT analysis! I will love to see what you think about. You can inbox me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected].

Brand New Announcement: I am officially on Acuity! Now you can book me and Phenomena Corporation to solve your business, project, time and organizational problems. Book a session with me here:

Someone is Always Watching: Memorial Day is this month and so is the start of American summer. This means vacation, free time and conference season in full swing. You may think that what you are doing isn’t been scrutinized but it is. Someone is always watching. Give them a reason to look! Read more here on the three tips to capitalizing upon this. You never know who may give you your next introduction or opportunity.


Your career doesn’t take a holiday just because you do! Therefore, it is imperative that you always sharpen your skill set. Managing your career is no different which is why I advocate conducting a personal SWOT analysis. We use them for businesses. Why not use these analyses on ourselves and for our own benefit? Read more here about the steps you need to take and the questions you must answer in order to keep your edge.

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