LinkedIn Newsletter Is Coming In 2022!

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Hey there! I have a very big announcement: LinkedIn newsletter is coming in 2022!

I have decided to notify you about this for several reasons:

  • No random drops in your inbox
  • Need to connect with my LinkedIn Family
  • Want to provide updated information regarding me and Phenomena


No Random Drops In Your Inbox

I want to let you know ahead of January 2022 that you should expect my new LinkedIn newsletter to come out. I have been receiving random invites to newsletter. I do not want to be THAT person so I am letting all of you know ahead of schedule with two weeks out that my newsletter will be coming in January 2022.


Need To Connect With My LinkedInFam

I have over 375 LinkedIn Pulse articles because I truly want to share my wisdom with you. My LinkedIn newsletter will deepen that connection. It will focus on IT, cloud and project management. Furthermore, it will be way more organic because it is directly on LinkedIn. You don’t have to leave the app in order to get it.

Want To Provide Updated Information Regarding Me And Phenomena

I want you have all of the latest information regarding me and Phenomena Corporation (kindly like the business page here!) .This LinkedIn newsletter will give you first hand information plus deals, promotions and savings.

I cannot wait to share my new LinkedIn newsletter with you coming in January 2022!

Connect with me here on LinkedIn if you haven’t already

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