Major Milestone: I Hit 5000 LinkedIn Followers

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I have hit 5000 LinkedIn followers! I would like to thank each and every single one of you for helping me achieve my milestone! My three focus areas are IT, cloud computing and project management.


Full disclosure: I don’t know if reaching 5000 followers eliminates my ability to connect with you but since I have not seen any changes (thus far). please connect with me here on LinkedIn 

This is a major milestone because it is rumored that the average LinkedIn follower count is in between 500-899 so to make it to 5000 is amazing.


I am very happy that so many of you have resonated with my writing because I started publishing LinkedIn Pulse articles in 2015 because I wanted to see better quality content on here. 7 years later after achieving my 5000 LinkedIn follower milestone, I feel that I have accomplished my goal. You can subscribe to Career Trajectory.

  • Published over 425 LinkedIn Pulse articles
  • Published 40 Career Trajectory LinkedIn newsletter

Once again, thank you for all of your continued support. Connect with me here!


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