How to Make Your Personal Brand Pop!

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In this day and age, you must have a personal brand. No more sitting in the corner cubicle flogging away in hopes that your boss discovers your genius. You must toot your horn every chance you get. I know that you get that but you don’t know how to go about branding yourself. My Amazon bestselling book, Expand Your Personal Brand, will help you with that. It contains 20 top business lessons that will give you personal branding success. I have written this book after receiving 4 promotions in 10 years. That road hasn’t been easy either. There have been a lot of false starts that could have been avoided had I known better. You are reading this because you feel as if you deserve better. You DO! That’s why I’ve brought the value into Expand Your Personal Brand. I am all about paying it forward!


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That’s not all that I have to make sure that your personal brand pop now and beyond. I also have a workbook offering 40 distinctly different personal branding exercises. They are NOT from my Amazon bestselling book. I value your time and dollar! The Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook gives you 40 different personal branding exercises. This product is for the person who already knows what he or she wants but wants more practice to flesh it out. I have created 40 because I believe in jam packing my products with value. The Expand Your Personal Brand Workbook will give you the value to vault your personal brand to the next level.


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But wait…There is more! Together is better with the Expand Your Personal Brand bundle! The bundle contains 60 personal branding exercises (20 from the eBook and 40 from the workbook). NO REPEATS! This bundle will give you the ultimate value! Right now I am being generous with leaving it at $15 for both. Let’s break it down: $15 divided by 60 personal branding exercises = $0.25 an exercise! Let me REPEAT this: buying the Expand Your Personal Brand bundle is 25 cents per exercise! You KNOW that you can afford to invest 25 cents into yourself.


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Watch my video as I give you a behind the scenes look at how Expand Your Personal Brand will make your personal brand pop!


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