How to Make Sure That Your Item Is Ready for Resale

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Okay so you have clothing, shoes or other items that you want to sell online. You want to sell on eBay, Amazon, etc. but how do I get started? Here are my 3 steps to help make sure that your item is ready for resale.

First, make sure that your items are decent looking. This means no holes, stains, or animal hairs. You’d be amazed what poor conditions so many items are. I have seen a store on a resale platform where the seller says that because she owns a cat that all items will come with car hair! No SHE DID NOT! That’s unacceptable because no customer should have to tolerate that. I wash all of my items. Sometimes I dry clean them if the instructions say so. Just because it is resale doesn’t mean that you can sell anything.

Second, research your price for copywriting and fair market value. The prices vary from new to pre-owned (worn). I have sold both. In addition, please add if you have the original box but that gets a higher price. If you are selling pre-owned, the rule of thumb is pricing it 50% your original price. You also need to know how to write your description so that it sells. In eBay, the sold listings feature will help you see how much an item sells but also the words used to get the sale.


Third, photos are everything. Please photograph your items in a well-lit place. Lighting is very important because the first time your customer receives his merchandise is after paying. I normally take a minimum 3 photos (front, back and side). If it is a shoe, photograph the soles and inside the shoe.

Bonus tip – If there are stains or thread missing, divulge that information in your description. Also photograph it. The customer needs to know because it is all of perfect information and not practicing fraud.

Making sure that your resale items are decent, properly researching your items’ copywriting and fair market value and photographing your items in good lighting are my ways to ensure that your item is ready for resale!

I am a tall women’s fashion luxury consignment reseller. My motto is giving tall women ‘Neiman Marcus merchandise at rock bottom prices.’ Shop my store:


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2 Responses

  1. LeShelle, host of MRTV

    For the past 6 months, I have been helping my son resale his old videos games and clothes he has outgrown on Ebay. Instilling in him an entrepreneurial spirit is a must.

    • carlarjenkins

      Having another income stream is very important. eBay has kept me afloat and has taught me a lot about running a business.